Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time for Lunch

In an effort to encourage public schools to provide whole, fresh foods to school children, and to pass legislation that will support that goal, Slow Food USA has started a campaign called Time for Lunch. They are asking people around the country to host a public potluck, called an Eat-In, on September 7th (labor day), and invite everyone you can, including legislators, to attend. This is a serious step in the right direction to get our kids off to a healthy start, making them more equipped to learn. Establishing good eating habits in our kids could help this generation overcome the threat of increasing childhood diseases, like early onset type 2 diabetes, and could help them grow up to be healthier than their parents' generation.

To learn about organizing an Eat-In, visit

Contact your legislators about this issue by visiting

Sign the Slow Food petition in support of the Time for Lunch campaign by visiting

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